Conflict in Armenia Leaves Some Homeless, Enrich Others

Since its declaration of statehood in Armenia in the ‘90s, the country has struggled to provide adequate living conditions for many of its citizens. Due to fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the mid-90s and again in 2020, many citizens have seen changes in their living situations, with vulnerable communities experiencing the most devastating part of the impact.

Armenian Housing Crisis

It is estimated that about 50% of those in Armenia live in apartment buildings, a large portion of which are not in living condition. Many of Armenia’s buildings–specifically those in larger cities like Yerevan–have been destroyed due to neglect and lack of routine repairs and the previous presence of air strikes only exacerbated the issue. With much of Armenia’s economy relying on citizens working abroad, it’s no surprise that an estimated 26% of the country’s citizens live below the poverty line.

Many homes were also destroyed by Armenians who were told to hand over their homes to Azerbaijanis due to a ceasefire agreement in November of 2020 that displaced many from Charektar and the Kalbajar district.

Not only may Armenians find it difficult to find affordable and sustainable housing due to housing conditions, but the booming real estate market will only make their problems worse. Though the country saw a decrease in real estate sales in 2022, the first half of 2023 has produced a rather large increase.

Booming Armenian Real Estate

Those that have donated to Armenia may find it strange that real estate continues to be extremely profitable while many are without homes. Though citizens experience trouble acquiring housing, developers have been making money hand over fist due to an influx of Russian, American and Iranian nationals purchasing real estate. Large companies bring their employees and may rent entire buildings for their employees for one year leases. It is estimated that the real estate prices have increased by 25% in Yerevan alone. The influx has also caused quite a substantial increase in rent , with some estimating that rent has doubled in the last two years. Developers were able to purchase homes and land cheap, but to charge exorbitant rent prices when the population began to surge again. Developers see the housing crisis as an opportunity to increase profits, while many citizens have been left with no home to return to.

How to Help Armenia

Armenian charity organizations have stepped up to help the people of Armenia rebuild their homes and regain livable conditions. Through programs provided by Armenia Fund and Habitat for Humanity, some Armenians may have their homes rebuilt or repaired for free or through affordable financing from the nonprofit in question. Donations to Armenia also help to provide solar energy, food, and clothing to those living in poverty. However the devastation outweighs the number of organizations willing to help; that’s where we come in.

At Hayastan Fund, we are working toward a healthier, happier, and more prosperous Armenia. We believe everyone worldwide deserves access to modern, secure, and comfortable housing. That’s why we focus a significant percentage of donations on quality housing in both urban and rural areas.

Donate to Hayastan Fund to make a difference in the lives of the people of Armenia.

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